Iranian Student Protesters Threaten Regime!… Female Students Protest in Tehran!

The BBC Persian is now covering the student protests in Mazandaran Province.

** Kamangir has the latest news on the Iranian student protests in Mazandaran Province.

Iranian student protesters set up a blog a couple of days ago to communicate their courageous stand against the Iranian Regime.
The blog is already getting record traffic as the word spreads about the student’s efforts against the brutal regime…

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This is cool…

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The blog is even getting traffic from the USA which is terrific!

But, about those threats to the regime…
Kamangir reports that this was posted on one of the websites:

The hidden organization:

Release Mr Bijan Sabbagh [one of the student’s arrested by the authorities]The north committee is impatiently waiting for the release of other arrested students. In case they are not released, or any other event happens to the captured students, the north committee will start its military and guerrilla operation.

The [swear] prosecutor and the [swear] governor and their [swear] families must be ready for death.

We will start the terror and we will detonate the bombs.
The Hidden Guerrilla.

Now, maybe this is not fair to say that this is a student making this threat, but it is posted on a student protest website. The “Hidden Guerrilla” previously threatened to destroy the headquarters of blogfa by bomb according to Kamangir.

Winston has more on the grwoing discontent.

Stay tuned…

NCR-Iran is reporting that several of the students have started a hunger strike.

Student protesters gather at Babol University in northern Iran this week. (eteraz blog)

Meanwhile in Tehran…
700 female students staged a protest against the regime’s new veil regulations Thursday:

Tehran, 19 April (AKI) – Female students at Tehran Polytechnic University, where students protested against Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a visit last December crying ‘dictator go away’ and throwing firecrackers, are staging a major protest against new regulations enabling police as of 21 April to arrest women who do not abide by the Islamic dress code. A group of 700 female students organized a rally on campus and signed a letter to the dean calling the new rules “an offence to the dignity of women” and accusing him of “wanting to extend to academia the sexual apartheid imposed by the government on Iranian society.”

Authorities immediately reacted on Thursday withdrawing the students’ university ID cards which are mandatory to access campus and classes.

The students will now have to face a disciplinary commission which will decide whether they will be allowed to continue their studies or be expelled.

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