Iranian Officials Discover Cause of Rising Divorce & Crime Rates

The mullahs figured out the reason behind the rising crime and divorce rates…

…Now they’re taking action.
(Fars News Photo)

Rooz News discusses the latest discovery by the Iranian regime:

Two days after the harsh words of general Ahmadi Moghadam, the commander of the law enforcement forces about combating women who are not fully observing the Islamic hijab, …the police launched a campaign to confront young women in Tehran’s 23rd district.

These attacks on women came after law enforcement forces demonstrated repeatedly their failure in bringing security to Western towns of the country, controlling contraband, and the import and export of illegal goods.

Ayatollah Makarem and a few other clerics spoke favorably and in support of Moghadam’s new round of assaults. The same message was sent by Keyhan and Jomhurie Eslami editorials. Makarem said that the law enforcement forces had undertaken some measures, while some individuals were turning it into a scandal and questioning the actions.

Hijab is a required element of Islam, he said, adding that not fully observing it led to the destruction of the family, and rise in divorce and crime rates.

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