Iranian Diplomat Sharafi Says He Was Tortured… Shows Proof?

Released Iranian diplomat Jalal Sharafi says the CIA drilled holes in his feet while he was held hostage in Iraq.

Diplomat Jalal Sharafi shows injuries on his legs after a news conference at the Foreign Ministry office in Tehran April 11, 2007 to speak about his experience of being held in Iraq. Sharafi, an Iranian diplomat freed two months after being kidnapped in Iraq, said he was tortured by U.S. forces while in captivity, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported on april 7, 2007. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)

Fars News has more on the drilling of Sharafi:

“In the first 15 days of my arrest, I underwent terrifying tortures, specially the piercing of my feet by CIA agents,” Sharafi told representatives of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) at a hospital here in Tehran on Tuesday, a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau reported.

According to the statement, Sharafi was hospitalized to receive the needed medication and be checked by his physician, where the head of ICRC representative office in Tehran Peter J. Shtoker and Iraq’s ambassador to Tehran Sheikh Mohammad Majeed were also present to witness Sharafi’s deep scars and tortured body organs.

A report released by Sharafi’s physician said, “Parts of Sharafi’s feet pierced by drill as well as the fractures in his nose and neck, deep wounds on his back, bleeding of his digestion organs and his damaged and torn ears are easily observed and they have also been checked by the representative of the Red Cross.”



Holes. (Fars)

One more from Bazteb News

Of course, the regime held this press conference after Sharafi had been home to visit family for a couple of days.

The US rejected charges that they had anything to do with Sharafi’s detention, let alone his torture.

Kamangir has more on the Iranian publicity stunt.

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