Iran Lectures Bush on Hostage Standoff

Iran insists it is calling the shots and Bush better get used to it.
Iranian Foreign Ministry Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini is lecturing Bush on the British hostage standoff, via Fars News:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini here on Monday called on US President George Bush to act upon the recommendations of his Undersecretary of State and refrain from uttering improvised and illegal words.

“As US Undersecretary of State Nicolas Bernz has stated, the United States’ support for the British government might aggravate the situation,” Hosseini said.

“Therefore, the US president had better avoid uttering improper, non-technical and illogical words,” the spokesman concluded.

Winston asks an important question- “If the Mullah’s bullying, intimidation and blackmail are this severe when they do not have nuclear weapons, how will they behave when they do have them?”

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