Iran Deploys Notorious IRGC Heavies to Positions in Europe

Revolutionary Guard General Saeed Ghassemi who was just deployed to Europe started recruiting suicide bombers not long ago.

Winston passed on this news from Iran Press News (Persian):

Persian language news outlet “Iran Press News” reports that two notorious IRGC commanders have been dispatched to Europe as Military Attaches’ of the Iranian embassies. These two are Brig. General Saeed Ghasemi, head of intelligence at IRGC 27th mechanized division, and the other one is infamous Ansar-hezballah militia leader Brig. General Hossein alah-Karam who is also known for his brutal suppression of students and political activists in late 1990s. The former’s posting is not mentioned but the latter seems to be posted to the Iranian embassy in Croatia.

Gen. Ghassemi, aka Haj Saeed, is the one who started recruiting suicide bombers a few months ago.

This news was cross-posted at Western Standard.


In May 2006, in his address to the 300 gathered students in Tehran, Revolutionary Guard General Saeed Ghassemi urged Hamas to continue the fight against Israel:

“If you abandon the sword, that will be the beginning of your end.”

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