Hooray For John McCain!… Putting America Before Politics!

Hooray for John McCain for putting his patriotic eggs in one basket…

Hooray for the man who understands the importance of winning the war and reconstruction of Iraq.
Hooray for the patriot who is willing to risk his political future for our nation’s security!
Hooray for a wise man who understands, unlike his democratic foes, how devestating cutting funding to the troops and withdrawing to Okinawa would be for this country and the international community!

Look out democratic house of ‘cut and run” cards!
John McCain is launching a high-profile campaign this week to convince Americans that the Iraq War is winnable!
The Washington Post reports:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will launch a high-profile effort next week to convince Americans that the Iraq war is winnable, embracing the unpopular conflict with renewed vigor as he attempts to reignite his stalling bid for the presidency.

With the Virginia Military Institute as a backdrop, McCain plans to argue in a speech on Wednesday that victory in Iraq is essential to American security and that President Bush’s war machine is finally getting on track after four years, aides and advisers said.

McCain’s rosy assessment of safety on Iraq’s streets after his recent visit to a Baghdad marketplace was mocked by many, prompting him to tell a television reporter that he “misspoke” and now regrets the comments. But, in the interview to be broadcast tomorrow, the senator sticks by his defense of the overall war effort, predicting that failure in Iraq would be “catastrophic.”

It is a gamble at a critical time for the former front-runner for the Republican nomination, the political equivalent of a “double-down” in blackjack, as one person close to the campaign put it.

Hooray for John McCain!
The democrats and the liberal media believe that their “vision” of a failed Iraq is now cemented in stone.
Watch what happens to the democratic house of defeat when a patriot starts telling Americans that WE CAN AND WILL WIN!
Just watch!

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