General Petraeus Warns of Democrat's Surrender Plan (Video)

This is amazing!… These comments by General Petraeus at the Pentagon did not make any headlines.

In fact… Associated Press writer Lolita C. Baldor did not even mention that General Petraeus warned about dire consequences in Iraq if the US would follow the democratic surrender plan.

It obviously did not fit with the story.


As democrats voted to surrender in Iraq today…
Across town General Petreus warned against an Iraqi troop withdrawal.

General Petreaus, the top US general in Iraq, gave a stark message to Washington officials at the Pentagon today. Petraeus said, as quoted from the FOX News video below:

“My sense is that there would be an increase or resumption in sectarian violence were the presence of our forces and Iraqi forces were to be reduced. It can get much, much worse than it was.”

General Petreaus pointed to two worrying developments- the increased profile of Al Qaeda in Iraq and more and more evidence obtained by US forces that Iran is trying to destabilize the situation by funding insurgent groups.

It is absolutely appalling that this did not even make it into the mainstream news articles!

Let Freedom Ring has it right… Look who’s not listening to the generals…
Democrats won’t show up to their meetings.
The media won’t report what they say!

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