Former Clinton Ambassador: "US Not an Honest Broker" (Video)

Former Clinton Ambassador Nancy Soderberg on the British hostage crisis:

“…What America has done is deal ourselves out of a resolution of this (British hostage) conflict. We’re not big players on this issue right now because we are unpopular we lost our role as honest broker, but we can stand on the sidelines and cheer as the Europeans try to solve this issue. It would be much better if we were in there with some power and honest brokering. We’ve lost that through the actions of the last few years.

And, they wonder why the US is unpopular?
(Video 40 seconds)

Of course, the EU is not backing Great Britain as the ambassador suggests.

And, it doesn’t look like “sitting back and cheering” will help the Brits out much either.


(Is it really necessary to link to what her boss Bill Clinton said about Iraq?)

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