Democrats Open Military Show Trials

Democrats are planning on scoring serious points today as they open show trials against the US military…

It’s not bad enough that they call the troops stupid

That they call the US forces “occupiers” when they are nation building,
That they say men join the army only as a last resort,
That they call the troops mass murderers in Congressional hearings,
That they equate US soldiers to the killers of the Stalin or Pol Pot regimes..

Today the democrats are opening their show trials on the Hill to embarrass the military on their handling of the Tillman and Jessica Lynch cases:


As the Army probed Pat Tillman’s death, investigators implored the CIA and Pentagon last year to scour their databanks for aerial video of the friendly fire incident, footage they believed might have been captured as a Predator drone flew over the scene.

Lawmakers plan to press the Pentagon on Tuesday with questions still hovering over the one-time National Football League star’s shooting: Was a drone flying overhead when Tillman was killed? Did it videotape the incident?

The military says no such videotape exists, but members of Congress hope to elicit the new information when the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform holds a hearing as part of an investigation into misleading information from the U.S. military. Members of Tillman’s family, who have continued to raise questions about the incident, were also scheduled to appear.

The hearing will cover both Tillman’s death three years ago and the 2003 rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch in Iraq — a story embellished by the military, which videotaped her rescue by special forces, stirring complaints of government media manipulation…

What an absolute disgrace!

Funny, the media can show US soldier snuff films and democrats could care less. But, any attempt to make our country look like the good guys and democrats attack. Sick!

But, please don’t question their support for the military!

** Maybe the generals could ask the democrats for some funding to fight the war since the two will finally be together at the same meeting!

Meanwhile… The Nevada soldiers are responding to Harry Reid.
Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Harry Reid vows he will not believe General Patreus if he reports progress in Iraq.

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