Democratic Darling Sheehan May Get Her Dream Job, After All!

What wonderful news!
Just last year, democratic darling, Cindy Sheehan was promoting a Department of Peace for this country so that we could stop fighting “George Bush’s War.”
She wanted to “Stop this Sh*t” and make sure that it didn’t happen again!

It’s the Jews fault, anyway!

Well, sing Kumbayah!

** Tigerhawk reports that your democratic party is pushing legislation for a Department of Peace!


Imagine a governmental agency responsible for advising on non-confrontational foreign policy options, establishing and enforcing new gun control measures, designing school curriculum, establishing and enforcing new legislation governing “hate crimes” and violence against animals, and my favorite, establishing a Peace Academy!

Sounds a little like heaven, doesn’t it?

Really… Is there even an argument over who deserves this cabinet level position more than anyone?
Cindy of course! (Or, maybe one of her Marxist friends at Code Pink??)
What joy. What bliss. What utopia!

Doug Ross has pictures.

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