Blogger Conference Call: John McCain Reports Progress in Iraq

John McCain says that “He Would Rather Lose An Election Than A War”

He also says that he could not believe what he was witnessing when he saw democrats celebrate their surrender vote on the House floor.

John McCain answered questions today on a blogger conference call about how to best communicate to the American people the importance of winning the War and Reconstruction in Iraq.


McCain says that he would communicate every other week on the successes in Iraq in a venue like CSPAN if he were in charge. He also would hold blogger calls regularly. McCain said this Surge is a change in strategy as well as troop strength. Some of the bloodiest fighting took part in Al Anbar province. Now we have local support in much of the area. McCain believes that Patreus is an excellent strategist and the morale at the Pentagon is high.

The Washington Post has more on Senator McCain’s speech this morning.

The Wall Street Journal is calling it John McCain’s finest hour.

John McCain Delivered A Bold Speech Voicing His Steadfast Commitment To Winning The War In Iraq. John McCain has been unrelenting in his support for the new strategy in Iraq. He said early signs of progress are cause for very cautious optimism but do not guarantee success. He believes we have a long way to go, but for the first time in four years, we have a strategy that deals with the reality in Iraq.

John McCain Challenged Democrats In Congress To Pass Legislation To Fund Our Troops. Democrats have failed to provide our troops with the resources necessary to succeed in their mission. John McCain demanded Democrats in Congress put our troops before politics and immediately pass a new funding bill.

John McCain Has Said He Would Rather Lose An Election Than A War. John McCain is willing to confront this unpopular issue at the risk of losing this election. He believes that presidents don’t lose wars, political parties don’t lose wars – nations lose wars and nations suffer the consequences.

John McCain Explained To The American Public That We Are At A Critical Crossroad Faced With A Choice Of Historic Proportions. Will our nation’s elected leaders make the choice to go down the more difficult but wise road for long-term security or decide to take the easy way out without regard for the catastrophic consequences? Democrats in Congress have spoken – John McCain vehemently disagrees. He believes our cause is just, necessary, and winnable.

John McCain Challenged The Media To Report Early Signs Of Progress. He acknowledged that car bombs are newsworthy but challenged the media to report on early progress:

** Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar province are working with American and Iraqi forces to fight al Qaeda. Sixteen of the twenty-four Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar are now working with us.

** Iraqi and American forces are deployed together in Baghdad where they maintain a presence in a neighborhood cleared of militias and terrorists.

** The government of Prime Minister Maliki is delivering on its promise to deploy Iraqi brigades to Baghdad.

** Prime Minister Maliki has promised a new policy promises Sunni involvement in the political future of the country.

** We are receiving cooperation from the Iraqi people, who are beginning to provide us with actionable intelligence about the whereabouts and plans of the enemy.

Is this McCain’s double down in blackjack? McCain says, “I’ve held this position on Iraq for 4 years. I don’t know or don’t care what this has to do with political future.”

The State Department and Pentagon may need to become more involved with a sense of urgency.

We need to be creative with our communicating since the media is not reporting all of the news from Iraq. Blogger conference calls are an important part of that.

Right on, Senator McCain!
I am 100% with you on this one.

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