6 Months After Sniper Fire Nearly Killed Him, Lance Cpl. John McClellan Tours the Nation's Capital

A sniper’s bullet somehow flew barely under the Marine’s helmet, hitting just above his left ear. It severed facial nerves and parts of his ear, ripped a hole in the lower section of his skull and brain, and tore its way out through the back of his neck. But it missed his carotid artery by the thickness of a few sheets of paper. And it missed vital sections of his brain. It missed his vision and vocal controls, too.

Doctors told his family that 99 of 100 patients with similar injuries die.
But he was the other one.

Stars and Stripes
November 3, 2006

Lance Cpl. John McClellan returns home from Iraq.


Here is the latest news on this American hero Lance Cpl. John McClellan from his family in Columbia, Missouri:

I don’t think I ever relayed this, but in the beginning when John was first injured, Our U.S. House of Representative, Kenny Hulshof had tried to visit John at the NNMC hosptial (before we arrived). Because he wasn’t a relative, they would not let him up to see John. I heard this from Rep. Hulshof’s assistant. At that time, I told him, “He should have told him he was my brother!!!” We laughed.

The next day, as Carl & I were leaving the Columbia airport for Bethesda, Rep Hulshof’s plane was arriving as we were waiting for our plane. We talked briefly and I reiterated my suggestion that “You should have told them you were my brother”. We laughed.

Yesterday, we were able to visit, Rep. Hulshof at his office at the Capitol. As we walked in and were greeted by him, John said, “Hi, Uncle Kenny!” We ALL laughed!! Kenny knew right away what that was all about. Too funny!!!

We visited with him for about an hour and then, one of Sen. Bond’s assistants led us on a tour of the Capitol. We got to sit in while the Senate was debating some issues. It was SOOOO interesting!!!

We as taxpayers, don’t realize the sacrifice that our Senators and Representatives make as far as their families and personal time. Rep Hulshof’s family live in Columbia. He comes home on the weekends. Also, this is really cool… he plays drums for the weekly Sunday Service at the Newman Center! Kenny is a super nice, totally down to earth, totally committed guy. We were very grateful for the opportunity to meet him and have the Capitol tour.

Later, we met with Christine Jensen, who is with the Pentagon. Christine is a Hickman H.S. (Columbia, MO) graduate . We met her the first time we were here, so this will be a nice reunion. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees John.

Attached are some pics that we took yesterday. One is of Kenny Hulshof presenting John with an American Flag that was flown on top of the Capitol in John’s honor………very cool.

John and his family with Representative Kenny Hulshof (R-MO) at his office in the nation’s capital.

Update: John suffered a seizure of some sort this past week. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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