Video Shows Beatings & Death of Zimbabwean Opposition Leaders

** Sokwanele has video and audio describing the horrific attacks on opposition leaders attending a prayer meeting in Zimbabwe last Sunday.

One man was shot dead during attacks this past week on Opposition leaders by the Mugabe government…

Chairperson of NCA Glen View constituency and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) activist, Gift Tandare was shot dead by government forces of Zimbabwe this past week. He was the father of three young children. –Sokwanele.

The leader of the Opposition suffered a fractured skull and several lacerations after being arrested by the Mugabe regime and imprisoned on Sunday at a prayer meeting. He was later hospitalized in Harare.

Sokwanele sends this video on the Mugabe Regime attacking opposition leaders. Included is footage of the family of murdered activist, Gift Tandare:
(9 minutes)

Sokwanele adds this about the footage:

The footage and audio for this video includes BBC footage and interviews, as well as interviews with SW Radio Africa. SW Radio Africa have archive their broadcasts. The files below were extracted from a much longer file in the SW Radio Africa archives, and optimised to make individual interview files smaller and easier to download and share with people in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Pundit, who was interviewed on the BBC, has more on the current crisis.

Via InstapunditAustin Bay has a report on the chaotic situation.

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