US Attorney David Iglesias Deserved to Be Fired For Incompetence

US Attorney David Iglesias deserved to be one of the eight US Attorneys fired by the Bush Administration.
…His opinion piece today proved it.

US Attorney David Iglesias deserved to be fired by the Bush Administration.
His opinion piece in The New York Times today proves the point:

Of course, as one of the eight, I’ve felt this way for some time. But now that the record is out there in black and white for the rest of the country to see, the argument that we were fired for “performance related” reasons (in the words of Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty) is starting to look more than a little wobbly.

Ms. Wilson asked me about sealed indictments pertaining to a politically charged corruption case widely reported in the news media involving local Democrats. Her question instantly put me on guard. Prosecutors may not legally talk about indictments, so I was evasive. Shortly after speaking to Ms. Wilson, I received a call from Senator Domenici at my home. The senator wanted to know whether I was going to file corruption charges — the cases Ms. Wilson had been asking about — before November. When I told him that I didn’t think so, he said, “I am very sorry to hear that,” and the line went dead.

A few weeks after those phone calls, my name was added to a list of United States attorneys who would be asked to resign — even though I had excellent office evaluations, the biggest political corruption prosecutions in New Mexico history, a record number of overall prosecutions and a 95 percent conviction rate. (In one of the documents released this week, I was deemed a “diverse up and comer” in 2004. Two years later I was asked to resign with no reasons given.)

When some of my fired colleagues — Daniel Bogden of Las Vegas; Paul Charlton of Phoenix; H. E. Cummins III of Little Rock, Ark.; Carol Lam of San Diego; and John McKay of Seattle — and I testified before Congress on March 6, a disturbing pattern began to emerge. Not only had we not been insulated from politics, we had apparently been singled out for political reasons. (Among the Justice Department’s released documents is one describing the office of Senator Domenici as being “happy as a clam” that I was fired.)

This dopey political editorial proves why David Iglesias should have been fired.
If he is not able to understand that he was a “political appointment” and “served at the pleasure of the president” then how could the president expect him to understand the difficult decisions that would come before him.
Macsmind explains:

First David, what part of “political appointment” do you not understand? What part of “serves at the pleasure of the President “do you not understand?” Obviously neither. The fact is that AG appointments ARE political appointments and many times their termination of service is as well.

It’s as simple as that.
It’s really a shame that we are going to be forced by democrats and their media to listen to this non-scandal until it plays out.
Macranger has more.

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Update: A House panel approved subpoenas for Karl Rove and other top White House aides.
It looks like this could be the start of another “non-scandal” about to go nuclear by the media. It would only be fair if the media would mention Clinton’s 93 firings. Too bad your media is too dishonest for that.
Nice comment below by mindnumbrobot.

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