Thousands Riot in China- 9 Police Cars Torched

Up to 20,000 people clashed with 1,000 police in central China this past week.

Boxun news service has pictures of the torched police vehicles from the protests in central China.

The BBC reports that thousands rioted in central China torching police cars as police defended themselves with cattle prods:

A protest staged by thousands of rural workers in central China ended in violent clashes last week, reports say. Several people were injured as up to 20,000 people clashed with 1,000 police in Hunan province on Friday, a local official told Reuters news agency.

The Boxun Chinese news website said the clash was sparked by rising public transport costs. A witness told the BBC sporadic incidents continued on Monday.

Rural regions of China have seen mounting unrest in recent years.

Thousands of protests were held last year amid growing discontent over the widening gap between rich and poor and corruption among officials at local level and above.

The latest reported unrest came as the Chinese legislature, the National People’s Congress, held its annual session in Beijing.

Another shot from the protests this week from Boxun news.
The Epoch Times has this on the latest rioting:


BEIJING—Thousands of Chinese farmers and laid-off workers rioted in central China, attacking police and smashing squad cars, a local official said on Monday, the latest in a string of violent demonstrations.

Nine police cars were burnt during the riot on Friday in the central province of Hunan in which 20,000 people clashed with about 1,000 police armed with guns and electric cattle prods, a local official told Reuters.

“They did it because they were not satisfied with some government behaviour,” the official, surnamed Tan, said by telephone from the district of Lingling, which belongs to the Hunan city of Yongzhou.

“They were also unhappy about official corruption,” Tan said without elaborating.

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker reacts to this latest protest news from China.

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