Republican Representative's Office Vandalized By Antiwar Thugs

But, please don’t question their patriotism…

In this photo provided by U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers’ office, splattered red paint covers a sign at Rogers’ Lansing, Mich. office Tuesday, March 20, 2007. Vandals upset over the Iraq war defaced Rogers’ office overnight, a spokesman said Tuesday. The unknown individuals splattered red paint on the Lansing building and put up a sign saying the Republican has ‘blood’ on his hands. They also spray painted the sidewalk with the words ‘no more deaths,’ glued shut the front door of the building and destroyed security cameras, said Andy Keiser, Rogers’ chief of staff. (AP Photo/U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers’ office, Sylvia Warner)

Police are offering additional security after the latest incident since Rogers has two small children at home.
WZZM 13 reported:

Vandals struck U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers’ Lansing offices Monday night, slopping red paint on the building, spray-painting slogans on the sidewalk and gluing the front door lock shut.

Large globs of red paint covered a sign on the front of the building displaying the congressman’s name. A “Support our Troops” sign also was hit with red paint.

A poster pasted to a window facing Michigan Avenue read, “Rogers: There is blood on your hands.”

Rogers’ press secretary, Sylvia Warner, said it was the work of an aggressive and threatening group.

“It would almost be sophomoric, if it weren’t so threatening,” Warner said.

Police are providing additional security for Rogers’ two young children at his home in Brighton.

WILX Lansing has more on the violence.
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Kim Priestap at Wizbang makes a good point.

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