Politically Correct Abu Ghraib Torture Movie Released

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U.S. documentary shows everyday abuse of Abu Ghraib

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Abu Ghraib prison is notorious for images that surfaced in 2003 showing horrific abuses of Iraqis by U.S. soldiers, but a new documentary aims to highlight the plight facing many innocent Iraqis by depicting the humdrum misery there.

U.S. filmmaker Michael Tucker won critical acclaim for his documentary “Gunner Palace,” about American soldiers taking up residence in Saddam Hussein’s former palace.

Now his film “The Prisoner, or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair,” made with his wife Petra Epperlein, tells the story of Yunis Khatayer Abbas, an Iraqi journalist captured by American soldiers in 2003.

In the film, Abbas recalls the humiliation of his interrogation, which led to him being told he was suspected of plotting to assassinate British Prime Minister Tony Blair, before being sent to Abu Ghraib.

Only, the Western media would dare describe the rogue abuse at Abu Ghraib as “horrific abuse”.
And, now somehow the “interrogation” of a prisoner is defined as “everyday abuse.”
Yet, amazing as it may sound, the director of this particular Abu Ghraib flick is cutting his story somewhere around March of 2003.
Shockingly, the director decided not to include this torture segment:
(Warning: Very Violent 1:15 minutes)

That is forgotten footage from one of Iraq’s jails when Saddam Hussein was in charge.
It didn’t make the cutting room… let alone the cutting room floor.
The movie will also exclude these Abu Ghraib images…
Robert Alt described the forgotten torture at Abu Ghraib that mysteriously made no headlines these past four years:

In 1996, Saddam arrested and tortured nine men on suspicion of trading in foreign currency. At the time of their arrest, trading in money other than Iraqi dinars was a crime—or more precisely, it was a line of work Saddam reserved for his cronies. But like many things in Saddam’s Iraq, the law was not exactly black-and-white…

Although Saddam was insufficiently public in his promulgation of the law, he made sure that his enforcement overcorrected for that error. In addition to detaining and torturing the men for eight months, he ordered their right hands cut off at Abu Ghraib, and demanded that a videotape of the mutilation be sent for him to view at his palace.

Aside from providing Saddam with sadistic amusement, their mutilation was to stand as a living testament of what happens to those who dare compete against Saddam’s friends. This is the Abu Ghraib of Saddam Hussein, a prison that is rumored to have held as many as 400,000 people; a place where Iraqis were detained for crimes redounding to displeasing the dictator; a place where torture was the rule and not the exception; and a place that Iraqis feared worse than death itself. As Abu Ghraib survivor Ala’a Abdul Hussien Hassan explained, “I don’t believe that anybody can imagine what we’ve been through. We’ve been oppressed on all levels.”

Don’t forget the uprising in Dujail. Saddam executed 148 Iraqis from Dujail who were being held at Abu Ghraib. However, there ran into a problem.
Omar at Iraq the Model explains:


The documents revealed some unbelievably terrifying facts about the Dujail massacre; can you imagine that when orders were given to execute the 148 “convicts” the prison authorities executed only 96 of them. Why?

Because the remaining 48 “convicts” had already passed away during “interrogation”!!

What kind of interrogation was it that killed one third of the suspects?!

But, these scenes will also not be included in the upcoming movie on Abu Ghraib.
They don’t seem to fit well with the plot.

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