Picking Up the Pieces After the Rampage of the Peace Protesters

Milwaukee peace protesters (vandals) bragged about their rampage at a recruitment center on the internet after their disgusting attack: “A well coordinated attack on an Army recruiting station leaves the public speechless and the cops confused!”

An onlooker looks at the damage to a local Milwaukee Army Recruitment Center after the peace protesters smashed it up on Monday.
(Milwaukee Indymedia)

(Milwaukee Indymedia)
This about says it all…
From a Milwaukee Peace Activist after vandalizing an Army recruiting station:

This is one of the most powerful things i’ve been related with in a while and f*ck you if you don’t think it’s accomplishing sh*t. all the people see this on the news, they can learn that we’re fu*king pissed. we don’t f*ck around.

Milwaukee Police arrested 21 “peace protesters” in the violence on Monday. Torches made from chair legs, fireworks and black flags were strewn in front of the Army recruitment center. One witness heard loud sounds and then saw a large group fleeing the scene. (TMJ4)
Local Channel TMJ4 has video of the vandalized building.

The banner the protesters were carrying was laying outside the recruitment center after the attack.
(Milwaukee Indymedia)


Liberals clash with police at the Pentagon in Washington DC. Many of the liberal antiwar protesters carried vinegar (soothes the effects of tear gas) planning for the police pepper spray. (Getty)

In Oregon police had to pepper spray the violent peace protesters VIDEO HERE

Burning an effigy of a US soldier and the US flag in Oregon. (Indymedia)

This is a picture from Smash‘s DC peace protest vandalism collection. (Actually from January)

The kids got into the action in Oregon by defacing public property.(Indymedia Oregon)

Smash has pictures of the destruction in Washington DC.
(Via Michelle Malkin)

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