Oops!… Leftist Hero Hicks Confesses to Terrorism After All

Australian terror suspect David Hicks, and Aussie Leftist hero, pleaded guilty Monday to a war-crime charge of providing material support to terrorism.

David Matthew Hicks (born August 7, 1975), also referred to[1] as Abu Muslim al-Austraili and Mohammed Dawood while in Afghanistan, is an Australian who was captured in Afghanistan and has been held prisoner as an unlawful combatant by the United States Government at Guantánamo Bay since his capture.

Bummer!… And, to think that the Aussie Leftists spent so much time and energy defending this Radical Islamic bum?… All of the protests and cute “Free David Hicks” videos:
(2 minutes)

Such quality work for naught.

Put the orange jumpsuits up boys.
He’s a jihadist after all!

4 March 2007’David Hicks’ gets a tour of Geelong, March 2. (Green Left)


The committed moonbats even sprang for a billboard!

Papa Hicks held his own sympathy protest…

Caged statement … Terry Hicks, father of David Hicks, protests outside the Liberal Party Conference in Adelaide in 2003.
Don’t worry. There’s always more terrorists or killers for you Lefties to defend out there somewhere.

More… Via Glenn Reynolds, Tim Blair reports why it took 5 years for Hicks to get to court.

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