"Offside" The Movie About Iranian Women Soccer Fans- Opens Tomorrow!

“Six Iranian girls disguise themselves as boys in order to enter Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch the 2006 World Cup Asian zone qualifier between Iran and Bahrain. However, their presence is discovered and they are arrested one by one.”

This is the story told in “Offside”, a movie about vicious discrimination against female soccer fans in Iran.

These women pictured here know about the regime’s discrimination first hand…

This picture shows an actual failed attempt by Iranian women to overcome a ban on entering Tehran’s Azadi stadium to watch football matches in April 2006. They were treated more viciously by the police than previously.

And, here is the movie trailer to “Offside”:

JB Spins has already seen the movie and offers a review HERE.

Here’s a slice of his take on the film:

FYI, last night I attended a press screening of the Iranian film Offside, filmed by Jafar Panahi without official state support. The film criticizes the absurd prohibition against women attending sporting events in Iran, dramatizing the plight of several young women caught trying to sneak into the forbidden soccer stadium just to cheer on the national team. It’s a small film, but you might find it interesting for it’s subject matter.

“Offside” opens in New York tomorrow.

Turned away in Tehran in 2006. (Iranian.com)

Or Does It Explode has more on the Iranian women soccer protests.
Sugiero sends the English version of the movie trailer.

Iranian Women Again Banned from Stadium

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