Nazanin Afshin-Jam Discusses Jailed Iranian Women Activists

(Update Below)
** Former Miss World Contestant Speaks Out For Detained Iranian Activists! **

Canadian Model, Actress and Miss World contestant, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, appeared on “Hannity and Colmes” to talk about the jailed Iranian Women’s Rights protesters Shadi Sadr and Mahbubeh Abbasgholizadeh.

The two women are being held under extreme conditions in Evin Prison in Tehran after their arrests earlier this month. (3-2007)

This was a very informative video on the plight of women in Iran and other Islamic countries:

Nazanin previously worked as an activist to build international awareness on the situation of Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, who was sentenced to hang for stabbing one of three men who tried to rape her and her niece in Karaj in March 2005.


Nazanin Fatehi was cleared of murder charges earlier this year and was later released from prison thanks in large part to the work of Nazanin Afshin-Jam.

Nazanin even dedicated her song “Someday the Revolution song” -one of the 12 songs on her album -Someday to Nazanin Fatehi and the other oppressed youth of Iran. “Hopefully I will get to send – or better yet hand deliver- the song to her.” said Nazanin Afshin-Jam in an interview.

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Update: Friend Iraqi-American Haider Ajina forwards this on “Women in Islam”:


Over 1400 years ago when Islam came to the people of the Arab Peninsula, it brought with it human right to all its followers, especially women who were oppressed. Men used to bury their daughters after birth. It was terrible and still is. By the way, it also made slavery a sin.

Women in Islam were given the right to inherit, be a legal witness, vote, run for office, work and earn money which they get to keep and not have to share or split with their husbands. Islam gave women the right to alimony, child support, and half the marriage estate, and she gets to keep what she brought into the marriage, and what she inherits. Islam also gave women the right to divorce their husbands and protected women from abusive husbands.

While many Muslim countries do not give women these rights today, the Quran does. The strongest tool feminist and women’s rights activist in the Muslim world can use, is the Quran. It is their right as stated in the Quran thus there can be little objection by the oppressor. As we free and democratize the Muslim world these rights can be demanded and enforced. Under dictatorship or theocracies, it will never happen.


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