More Video: Antiwar Protesters Clash With Police in Portland

Another look at the “peace protesters” getting pepper sprayed by the police in Portland at the “peace” protest on Monday, March 19, 2007.
Here’s a description of the event by velveteria:

A satellite of protesters, ignoring designated protest route, get into some friction with the police, who pepper spray, throw down and arrest some of them. This on the corner of Park and Morrison, one block west of Pioneer square. A girl in the foreground is in pain, her friend washing pepper spray out of her eyes with milk. Police on foot, bikes and horses are mobilized to the area. A standoff ensues, blocking the light rail train tracks and stopping traffic on Broadway; on one side, a line of protestors yelling across the tracks at a line of police. TV helicopters swarm. A squad of 20 or so police in riot gear drive up, warn the protesters to disperse and jog up to the line to confront the protesters.

YouTube Video – 5 minutes

My Favorite Comment about the confrontation is by C4foru:

WE are the ‘tards? Ha ha ha
One day you will be all grown up, maybe paying your own way and taxes. Then you will care about taking care of your own family and you won’t cwwyyy about all the downtrodden people all over the world. Here is a large clue…they don’t give a shit about you or your CARING.
The enemies we are engaging now will cut your frigging head off if they get the chance.

On the flipside…
BlackFive reports on how another group of Americans plan on expressing themselves.


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