Missouri House Advances "Anti-Cloning" Bill

After that horrible piece of legislation, Amendment 2, passed in November helping put liberal Claire McCaskill into the US Senate, Missouri Republicans went to work to ensure that human cloning does not become a practice in Missouri.

Jefferson City, (MO 3/27/07)

State Representative Dr. Bob Onder is hailing the passage of House Joint Resolution 11 (HJR 11) which would close loopholes in the Missouri Constitution and create a true ban on human cloning in Missouri. Upon its passage out of committee Representative Dr. Onder said: “I am proud of the members who stood up for life today. As a co-sponsor of the HJR I am proud that the system was allowed to work, and we had a successful outcome. With the passage of Amendment 2 last November, it is vital that we close the “cloning loophole” and that we do everything in our power to protect human life here in Missouri.”

With the passage out of Health Care Policy Committee the HJR will now be referred to the Rules committee where if it is successful there it will go to the floor for a vote. Senator Matt Bartle is sponsoring the Senate Joint Resolution 20 which is identical to the HJR.

Onder, who ran for the seat vacated by Scott Rupp (R- St. Charles), won a five way primary with a decisive 46% of the vote. He faced no competition in the November election and campaigned heavily statewide for numerous other candidates and as Chairman of the Board of Missourian’s Against Human Cloning.

Representative Dr. Onder, a practicing physician, has received a law degree from St. Louis University (1993) and a Medical Degree from Washington University (1987).

After talking with Dr. Onder today, he related that HJR 11 was deadlocked in committee 5-5 and today was passed out of that committee.

More on this legislation:
This joint resolution, sponsored by Rep. Jim Lembke (R-85), if passed by a majority in both houses, will place on the November 2008 ballot language to close the loopholes allowing human cloning that now exist in our Missouri Constitution. This resolution will also restore to our elected representatives oversight responsibilities of those entities involved in life-destroying research,” said Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life.

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