Liberal Blogger Meltdown Over Chocolate Jesus Removal

Liberal bloggers are attacking prominent Catholic groups because they were forced to remove their chocolate covered Jesus mockery from public display during Holy Week.

How dare Christians be offended that their religious symbols are mocked in public lobbies!

How dare they not allow the open-minded liberals to desecrate Christian symbols freely!
It’s free speech, dambit!

The latest liberal blogger attack on the Catholic League President by Norwegianity
Those liberals sure do hate men of faith!
Hullabaloo says Piss Donohue:


I’m sorry to have to say this because I am generally pretty tolerant of religion and try to be respectful of others’ beliefs. But until the Catholic Church steps up and says that this screaming nutcase Bill Donohue and his band of freaks don’t speak for them, I’m going to have to assume that the Catholic Church agrees with his lunatic ravings…

Yes, it’s a good thing these conservative Christians aren’t like those horrible Muslims.

The fact that it is sculpted in chocolate is so offensive to Donohue’s thugs that they are issuing death threats to those who display such alleged blasphemy.

Yes, it’s a good thing these conservative Christians aren’t like those horrible Muslims.

It’s really too bad the artist didn’t think to do it in cartoon form because the entire right wing would be in a frenzy defending his right to free speech. Indeed, he would have become a martyr for all of western civilization. Unapproved sculpting materials, on the other hand, are so far out that death threats are entirely appropriate.

I’m sorry… Did I miss the chocolate riots in downtown New York? Were the DNC headquarters torched? Were atheists clubbed in Central Park? Was an old hippie dragged from a coffee bar and stabbed in Greenwich during the latest Catholic riots?

It’s obvious from this confused display of liberal logic that there are two things they do not understand:
Respect of Faith and Radical Islam.
Then again… The fact that they refuse to display anything like a Chocolate Mohammad at Ramadan shows that maybe they really do understand?

But, destroying Christianity is more in line with their mission…
So P*ss Donohue!

In case you were wondering…
Liberal bloggers detest Bill Donahue because he brought attention to the “anti-Catholic, vulgar, trash talking bigots” hired by John Edwards.
Rather than own up to this… The liberals attack the messenger!

More Leftist attacks on Christianity here.

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