Iranian News Says That Asgari Is Being Tortured By West

Iranian sources today claim that Western Intelligence Agencies are trying to make a propaganda of defector former Iranian deputy defense minister Ali Reza Asgari and that’s why they are torturing him.

Fars News Service reports:

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Former Iranian deputy defense minister Ali Reza Asgari who was kidnapped by the western intelligence agencies during a personal visit to Turkey is being tortured to testify against Iran, an informed source said on Monday.

The source told FNA that Asgari, who had retired from his post four years ago, was first transferred to the US base in Turkey ‘Injurlake’ and then taken to a covert CIA detention center in Europe.

“According to the latest information, a joint committee formed of the US, Israeli and British agents are torturing Asgari both mentally and physically with the same style US troops torture prisoners in Guantanamou and Abu Ghreib,” he added.

“West, specially the US, has for a while been working on a plan to introduce Iran as a potential and active threat to the region. They have staged extensive psychological operations and propaganda to inspire the regional countries with this distorted picture of Iran, convincing them that the Islamic Republic is meddling with their internal affairs, conducting terrorist operations and posing threats to them,” the source reminded.

He also said that in their new scenario, western intelligence agencies are trying to make a propaganda of Asgari and that’s why they are torturing him.

After Asgari was kidnapped in Turkey, western news agencies strove to convince the world public opinion that he has been a spy of the West and that he has sought asylum for himself and his family, alleging that the retired defense ministry employee has fled the country along with his family.

But Asgari’s family, including his wife, two daughters, one son and a brother, visited the Turkish embassy in Tehran and requested the embassy officials to pursue his case, stressing that they claim Turkey responsible for the abduction of Asgari by the Israeli or US intelligence agencies.

Several western news services reported earlier that his family had escaped safely from Iran. It’s interesting that they give conflicting numbers on his family makeup compared to these latest Iranian reports. The Times Online reported:

At least 10 close members of his family had to flee the country. Asgari has two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren and it is believed that all, including his daughters-in-law, are now out of Iran.

Obviously, Asgari left something behind…

Ziba Asgari (the mean wife?) showed up yesterday in front of the Turkish Embassy in Iran saying she was the “other” wife and was obviously still in Iran. In a shocker, Ziba said that Israel was behind the “kidnapping”. She said the family had last been in contact with him in December(?) She said he traveled to Turkey in December checked into a hotel and that was the last they heard from him.


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