Iran Will Try British Sailors & Soldiers for Espionage

** Winston has posted this and other Google Earth images that show where the British sailors and soldiers are being held in Tehran:

However, Great Britain says it does not know where the soldiers and sailors are being held.
It’s show trial time in Tehran…
Like they did in 2004, the Iranian regime is planning on holding a show trial to prove that the 15 captured British sailors and soldiers, including one woman, were spies for Great Britain.
The Telegraph reports:

FIFTEEN British sailors and marines arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards off the coast of Iraq may be charged with spying.

A website run by associates of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, reported last night that the Britons would be put before a court and indicted.

Referring to them as “insurgents”, the site concluded: “If it is proven that they deliberately entered Iranian territory, they will be charged with espionage. If that is proven, they can expect a very serious penalty since according to Iranian law, espionage is one of the most serious offences.”

The warning followed claims by Iranian officials that the British navy personnel had been taken to Tehran, the capital, to explain their “aggressive action” in entering Iranian waters. British officials insist the servicemen were in Iraqi waters when they were held.

The penalty for espionage in Iran is death. However, similar accusations of spying were made when eight British servicemen were detained in the same area in 2004. They were paraded blindfolded on television but did not appear in court and were freed after three nights in detention.

Iranian student groups called yesterday for the 15 detainees to be held until US forces released five Revolutionary Guards captured in Iraq earlier this year.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a Saudi-owned newspaper based in London, quoted an Iranian military source as saying that the aim was to trade the Royal Marines and sailors for these Guards.

Kamangir earlier posted the report by Rajanews, the Iranian website with links to Ahmadinejad:

While the diplomatic pressure from Iran on UK has balanced the media pressure from the West, we have received news that the government is very keen to keep the invader soldiers and to not to release them. A source in the government told our reporter that the captured soldiers will not be released until official apology is stated and that they promise to not to commit such actions ever. The same source stated that the captured soldiers are transferred to Tehran and are still in the custody of the armed forces, and not the government.

It should be emphasized that the arrested soldiers must be tried in Iran and the verdict should be carried out afterwards. Given that they were armed at the time of arrest, if it is proved that they performed an intentional entrance and if they get convicted of espionage, the verdict could be very harsh.

Pajamas Media reported on Sunday that the American forces in Iraq are now holding over 300 prisoners tied to Iran’s intelligence agencies!


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