Iran Continues to Parade British Hostages; UN Balks (Video)

Iran continues their parade of prisoners…
The BBC has video of Iranian hostage Nathan Thomas Summers HERE.

Royal Marine rifleman Nathan Thomas Summers shown in a video that aired on Iranian TV. (FOX)

MEMRI posted the latest Iranian propaganda clip on YouTube (via LGF):
(1 minute 42 seconds)

Iran released a video of a second British soldier apologizing for trespassing into Iranian waters.
Fox News reports:

TEHRAN, Iran — One of the 15 British service members held captive in Iran appeared Friday on the government’s Arabic-language TV and apologized for entering Iranian waters “without permission.”

Iran also released a third letter supposedly from the only woman in the group saying she has been “sacrificed” to the policies of the British and U.S. governments.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose government has insisted that its navy personnel were captured in Iraqi waters, immediately denounced Iran’s treatment of the captured navy personnel and said it would only lead to further isolation for Iran. The standoff has added to tensions over Iran’s nuclear ambitions and over allegations that Iran is arming Shiite Muslim militias in Iraq.

“I don’t know why the Iranian regime keeps doing this, all it does it heightens people’s sense of disgust. Captured personnel being paraded and manipulated in this way, it doesn’t fool anyone,” he said in a brief statement. “And what the Iranians have to realize is that if they continue in this way they will face continued isolation.”

In the video Friday, Royal Marine rifleman Nathan Thomas Summers was shown sitting with another male serviceman and the female British sailor Faye Turney against a pink floral curtain. Both men wore camouflage fatigues with a label saying “Royal Navy” on their chests and a small British flag stitched to their left sleeves. Turney wore a blue jumpsuit and a black headscarf.

“Again I deeply apologize for entering your waters,” Summers said in the clip broadcast on Al-Alam television. “We trespassed without permission.”

It was not known whether the marine spoke under pressure from his captors, but Summers said in the broadcast “our treatment has been very friendly.”

Iran earlier broadcast a video showing Turney saying her team had “trespassed” in Iranian waters, and on Friday released a third letter from her.

The first two letters attributed to Turney said she was sorry the crew strayed into Iranian waters and asked if it wasn’t time for Britain to withdraw its troops from Iraq. The first letter was wooden; the second and third had language that was even more stilted.

“I am writing to you as a British serviceperson who has been sent to Iraq, sacrificed due to the intervening policies of the Bush and Blair governments,” the letter Friday said.

The British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said there was nothing in a formal letter from the Iranians to the UK that suggested they were looking for a solution to this situation.

Meanwhile, a week after the illegal capture of the British sailors and marines, the UN could not get itself to condemn Iran. Russia was having difficulty with the original British text.
(2 minutes)

There is still no immediate UN resolution in sight.

Where’s the uproar over the abuse of the Geneva Conventions?

Iranian Bazteb News reports that Summers not only apologized for his actions but for the actions of British sailors in 2004 who allegedly crossed into Iranian waters.

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