If St. Louis Post Dispatch Wants to Pick on O'Reilly- They Better Pack a Lunch!

How sad!
Bill O’Reilly hands the St. Louis Post Dispatch its lunch… “tuna salad on dry bread.”
Sad, not for the Post Dispatch, but for the thousands of readers who know that everything O’Reilly said about this rag is absolutely spot on.

The paper is nothing more than another voice for the liberal establishment.
O’Reilly hands them their lunch- “a chicken sandwich with the crusts cut off”:
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Here is the dishonest quote in question by Deb Peterson– a St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist since 1985:

O’REALLY: Bill O’Reilly raised a few eyebrows recently during his visit to St. Louis. The Fox News superstar was in town for a luncheon hosted by radio station KFTK (97.1 FM) and he stopped in at KTVI (Channel 2) to tape his talk show. While there, we were told he “demanded” the following: a chicken sandwich with the crusts cut off; a tuna salad sandwich on dry bread for his producer; total silence on the set; and that the camera operator look through the camera lens and not around the camera at O’Reilly directly. Ah, the perks of privilege…

Ah, the perks of being O’Reilly-basher for a liberal rag…
The Post Dispatch has yet to post a correction.

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