House Democrats Vote to Flee the Fight! (With Pork)

Coincidence? Democrats vote to flee Iraq on the same day that Al Qaeda releases a tape claiming that they won Iraq.
(If it wasn’t so horrible it would be comical.)

(Several Updates Below)
** Democrats Vote for Pork and Defeat!! **

The United States House democrats voted to flee the fighting in Iraq today in their pork-bloated military funding bill!!

Blue Dogs??? What Blue Dogs?
The democrats voting no on the legislation were for the most part Far Left antiwar nuts.

The ROLL CALL on the final vote for H.R. 1591 -.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health, and Iraq Accountability Act, 2007 (Reported in House)

Prior to the voting Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX) lectured Representative John Murtha (D-PA) on what it means to be a marine:
(49 seconds)

Shame on you, John Murtha!
Only democrats could combine Cut & Run & Pork and vote “Yeah”!
Michelle Malkin has a huge roundup on the Pork Bloated/Cut & Run Pep Rally.

HotAir has a roundup with video from Republican Deputy Whip Eric Cantor.
Pork and Defeat is right!
Texas Rainmaker calls it the perfect bill to surrender to Islamic extremists.

This is good timing…
Al Qaeda just released a video today claiming the U.S. military plans have failed in Iraq.

Bush Blasts Back!!!

“The purpose of the emergency war spending bill I requested was to provide our troops with vital funding. Instead, Democrats in the House, in an act of political theater, voted to substitute their judgment for that of our military commanders on the ground in Iraq. They set rigid restrictions that will require an army of lawyers to interpret. They set an arbitrary date for withdrawal without regard for conditions on the ground. And they tacked on billions for pet projects that have nothing to do with winning the war on terror. This bill has too much pork, too many conditions and an artificial timetable for withdrawal.

As I have made clear for weeks, I will veto it if it comes to my desk. And because the vote in the House was so close, it is clear that my veto would be sustained. Today’s action in the House does only one thing: it delays the delivering of vital resources for our troops. A narrow majority has decided to take this course, just as General Petraeus and his troops are carrying out a new strategy to help the Iraqis secure their capital city.

Amid the real challenges in Iraq, we’re beginning to see some signs of progress. Yet, to score political points, the Democratic majority in the House has shown it is willing to undermine the gains our troops are making on the ground.

Amen!… More from Bush Here.

UPDATE: Meanwhile the Iraqi media reports that Security has increased 70% in Southern Iraq:

The following is a Haider Ajina translation of an article in Iraq’s Buratha News agency:

Security Increased by 70% in southern Baghdad.

Iraqi commander of the fourth Brigade of the Sixth division General Ali Jasin Alfuraigi said, ‘security in southern Baghdad has reached 70% since the implementation of operation ‘Rule of Law’.

Alfuraigi said that his Brigade has arrested 63 terrorists in areas of southern Baghdad during the last eight operations in the areas of Mahmudiah, Yousefiah and Latifiah over the last few days. The largest of these operations was in the area of Said Abdulah in Latifiah. In this operation eight weapons cashes were uncovered. Alfuraigi added that the number of rocket attacks on the Latifiah area has declined 90% after the launch of operation ‘Rule of Law’. He added that the number of his troops is not enough for the area for which he is responsible, even with the backing of the multi national forces.

Haider Ajina comments:

More updates on operation “Rule of Law”, show that the four weeks since the start of the operation is showing substantial improvement in security in this city of 3-5 million. This report in substantial reduction in violence and improvement in security is resonating through out the areas of operation.

While speaking to my family in Iraq, I am finding out that security in the area of operation has improved by an unimaginable margin. This confirms the news from the Iraqi media. The road from Baghdad to Nejaf (about 160km) has been operating smoothly with 21 check points on the way.

Haider Ajina

This story must fit in Jules Crittenden‘s “Good News, Bad News” roundup somewhere.
A Jacksonian defines it correctly as a “Mercenary Congress”. Hat Tip Larwyn
The Jawa Report has an update -with snark.
Tom MaguirePork Goes to War.

Maybe Osama was right
Maybe America is unwilling to sacrifice.

The US has lost less than half of the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan compared with how many soldiers were lost during the Clinton y

That is a wartime figure verses a peace-time figure, yet democrats and their media have convinced America that this War on Terror has been an American slaughter. Sick.
It is just too bad the liberals and their media hide the facts from America.

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