Hammer Time!… Blogger Conference Call With Tom Delay

He already has a blog. Now, he’s making blogger conference calls!

Allen Roth and David Goder held another exceptional Blogger Conference call today for One Jerusalem.org.

Today it was “Hammer” time!

Speaker DeLay needed no introduction. He discussed his new book, No Retreat, No Surrender, in which he pulls no punches and names names.


Tom Delay shared about his time in Congress, the new battles ahead, and his new book.
Check out One Jerusalem later for the audio.

“What we are witnessing is the criminalization of politics.”

“It is not enough to defeat a man politically. It is not even enough to vilify him publicly. You have to carpet bomb his life. You have to make sure that he leaves office disgraced, bankrupt, and heading for jail.”

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was the most powerful congressional leader this country has seen since Lyndon Johnson. What makes him most dangerous to his enemies is that he is also a staunch conservative. His principles are what earned him the ire of America’s Left.

DeLay’s sheer effectiveness in Congress combined with his steadfast beliefs put him at the top of the Liberals’ hit list. They knew they couldn’t beat him at the ballot box, so they used every dirty trick in their book to take him down. In his new book, No Retreat, No Surrender, DeLay candidly shares his life story—from a surprisingly turbulent childhood, to his rise to the pinnacle of power in American politics, to his abrupt resignation from public office.

For the first time, the former House Majority Leader reveals what really happened in his final days in Congress, taking you behind the Capitol’s closed doors, into private congressional meetings, into Washington’s network of alliances, egos, and lies. No Retreat, No Surrender provides an unprecedented look at how politics is really played at the highest levels.

DeLay never pulled any punches in Congress and he is not about to begin now. In No Retreat, No Surrender (written with Stephen Mansfield), DeLay offers up several shocking revelations about both his personal and political life, including:

• How growing up in South America, and the tyranny he witnessed there as a child, shaped his unwavering belief in liberty, justice, and capitalism.

• How alcoholism tore his family apart and almost engulfed him as well.

• How his hard-partying days in the Texas Legislature earned him the nickname “Hot Tub Tom.”

• Which member of Congress saved his life

• Why Newt Gingrich was an ineffective Speaker of the House.

• Why Dick Armey was a poor leader, blinded by ambition.

• What really happened behind the scenes during the Republican Revolution—when the stakes were high and tempers were hot.

• How the Republican leadership was too compromised by their own misdeeds and sexual affairs to press the Clinton impeachment case.

• How Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Kennedy led the Democrats in the smear campaign against him and his family, and how some of his Republican “friends” turned their backs.

• How rogue Texas District Attorney Ronnie Earle’s indictment is nothing more than a sneaky political scheme, and how Earle is now avoiding taking his “case” to court because he knows he will “get his ass kicked.”

• The truth about all the scandalous and defamatory accusations against him—allegations of money laundering, no-show jobs, campaign finance violations, and the supposed “culture of corruption” the liberals pinned on him.

• Why President George W. Bush “may be compassionate, but he is certainly no conservative.”

• Why the GOP really lost in 2006—and what must be done to save the conservative movement in 2008.

Now, that sounds like a great book!

Tom Delay started off discussing the opposition’s disdain for Bush and disdain for the military. Delay pointed out that the democrats are pushing a “Surrender Bill” where they are buying votes to lose the War in Iraq in Congress today.

If we give up and surrender the War in Iraq, terror will escalate 100 times over. Tom says he criticizes Israel for not going into Lebanon and cleaning out the rats nest called Hezbollah.

The liberal Opposition is more powerful than he has ever seen it in his lifetime! It is coordinated with the media directly or indirectly. This machine was put together by the Clintonistas and we will have to work very hard in the next two years or lose the White House to Hillary Clinton.

The best thing that happened to Tom Delay this week was the scathing review from The New York Times.

Question: Who do you support on the Republican side?

TD: I have not No I have not- Go to Discover the Network.com to see how the Left is organized.
I am where 50-60% of Republicans are and waiting to see who steps up.

Question: What of the voids in the conservative movement?

Delay spoke at the CPAC grassroots organization and laid out a plan for conservatives in his book.
Conservatives desperately need a national organization strategy!
Tom started Tom Delay.com and is now part of the blogosphere.

Radio talk show hosts – Cutting edge news from the blogosphere- think tanks- party leaders- representatives need to unite and work close together.
Think tanks are good at creating ideas but need to develop a strategy of action. Republicans need a redistricting group. Dems have been holding redistricting meetings for some time.
Conservatives need to unite! Forget the past- Lay out an agenda and Move Forward!

Question (Pamela): Why did Republicans lose the election?

TD: We weren’t good at communication. The Examiner in the Washington area was recently started to counter liberal press.

We lost for many reasons. 1) we are terrible communicators. 2) The administration is horrible at communication. 3) We do much good work, but nobody knows about the accomplishments. House Republicans had no vision for the future. Frustration grew and grew. The politics of personal destruction was devastating. They wouldn’t have won if they didn’t have their grassroots organizations established 24 months ago. The party didn’t have to lift a finger.

We, as Republicans, must be able to counter that or we will be in the minority for a long time.

Question: (Anne from Boker Tov Boulder) Relations with Israel?

I have a strong record for standing up for Israel- I helped get persecuted Jews out of the Soviet Union. (This is in his book!)
The Lord wants me to do two things. #1) Stand with him in working with the conservative movement and #2) fight for Israel.

Stepping out for Israel is not always popular. I try to challenge people to get out there and lead despite the attacks from liberals. We must stand up and fight.

Question: What can Republicans do in the short term? What must republicans do?

TD: The current fight over the firing of those 8 US Attorneys is very important. If the president looks weak he will have the worst two years of his life. We have a scandal that is not real. And, today the media is taking Schumer’s lead. Reid made several accusations and has absolutely no proof. The president looked weak when he let Rumsfeld go. If Bush doesn’t stand up to the democrats… Its over!

This is the most emboldened democratic onslaught I have seen. It is different than the onslaught during Clinton years. Democrats “Win Without War” is a good example. Here you have abortionists and unionists and others working hard together against the war. They all are working together. The best we have is a Grover Norquist luncheon. When the Clintonistas left the White House, they started organizing. The democrats are organized. We Republicans have nothing like that.

** Check out CC Majority.org

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And, drive the NYT crazy by purchasing his new book!

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has a terrific review of this conference call.

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