"Gathering of Eagles" Rolls Into DC to Protect Military Memorials from Radical Liberals

** Michelle Malkin has photos and a report from the Pro-America “Gathering of Eagles” protest today in Washington DC.

Rolling Thunder rolls into the Washington DC to protest America’s Military Memorials from liberals!

Demonstrators who support the war, heckle anti-war marchers as they walk from the National Mall to the Pentagon for a rally in Washington, Saturday, March 17, 2007. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Protesters included Appeal for Courage members. This group was organized to communicate to Congress the troops’ desire to remain in Iraq until our mission is complete.
The group has a video posted (HERE) explaining their mission. So far 1,677 military members have signed on to support the cause.


Media reports admitted that there were as many pro-America protesters as Antiwar/anti-America protesters marching today!

A woman who identified herself as the pro-war mother (R) of a U.S. soldier confronts an anti-war protester as they gather to participate in the ‘March on the Pentagon’ in Washington, March 17, 2007. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

The antiwar groups and counter protesters are gathering in Washington DC today:

The anti-war group carried signs saying “U.S. Out of Iraq Now,” “Stop Iraq War, No Iran War, Impeach” and “Illegal Combat.” The other side carried signs saying “Peace Through Strength,” “al-Qaida Appeasers On Parade” and “We Are At War, Liberals Root For the Enemy.”

Police on horseback and foot separated the demonstrators, who were on opposite sides of Constitution Avenue in view of the Lincoln Memorial. Barriers also kept them apart.

Police on horses ensured anti-war protesters and counterdemonstrators stayed apart at the staging area. Several thousand people, many of them service members, rallied in support of the war.

They played “The Battle Hymn of the Republic;” the anti-war crowd danced to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

That about says it!

War supporters on the National Mall hold a counter-protest against the anti-war March on the Pentagon in Washington, March 17, 2007. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Veterans, some from the Rolling Thunder motorcycle group, lined up at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Park Police Lt. Scott Fear said more than 200 people were arrested from a crowd of several thousand protesters who marched to the White House on Friday night after a peace service at the Washington National Cathedral. Those arrested were handcuffed, taken away on buses and fined $100 for disobeying a lawful order or crossing a police line. They had demonstrated on the sidewalk in front of the White House, where protesters are required to continue moving.

War supporter Susan Lane (R) of Ohio attends a counter-protest on the National Mall against the anti-war March on the Pentagon in Washington, March 17, 2007. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

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