French Mag "Charlie Hebdo" Editor Acquitted of Charges

The editor of controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo was acquitted today of inciting hatred against Muslims

The French Paper Charlie-Hebdo bears the headline “Mohammed stressed out by the fundamentalists” and a cartoon of the prophet in tears uttering the words “It’s hard to be loved by fools” back in February of 2006. (AFP)

Several of staff members of the French weekly were placed under police protection after receiving death threats for printing the Mohammad cartoons.

The editor of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo has been acquitted of charges that the magazine incited hatred of Muslims.
The BBC just announced this news:


The editor of a satirical French magazine accused of insulting Muslims by reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad has been acquitted.

A French court has ruled in favour of weekly Charlie Hebdo, rejecting accusations by Islamic groups who said it incited hatred against Muslims.

The cartoons were covered by freedom of expression laws and were not an attack on Islam, but fundamentalists, it said.

The Grand Mosque of Paris and a union of Islamic groups brought the case.

The radical Muslims in France probably did not appreciate the humor in this other Charlie Hebdo cover…

“Charlie Hebdo must be veiled!” says the cover of the magazine. (BBC)

HotAir has more adn there are more images here.

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