Far Left "Peace" Protesters Promise More Violence

This is how the Far Left defends smashing a U.S. Army recruiting office in Milwaukee:

And what did peace action do to accomplish sh*t?

This is one of the most powerful things i’ve been related with in a while and f*ck you if you don’t think it’s accomplishing sh*t. All the people see this on the news, they can learn that we’re f*cking pissed. We don’t f*ck around.

And, now the Leftists are promising more more violence!

A 14-year-old child is among 21 people arrested during an Iraq War protest at an Army recruiting center near the U-W Milwaukee campus. (Picture MJS)

United For Peace and Justice, a Far Left marxist group has threatened more vandalism and destruction of property as their frustration increases.
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

One day after 21 people were arrested during a demonstration that vandalized a U.S. Army recruiting office on Milwaukee’s east side, Wisconsin peace activist groups on Tuesday said some protesters might increasingly turn to destruction as their frustrations mount.

Monday night’s violence was an anomaly, said Judy Miner of Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, who noted protesters were peaceful at dozens of demonstrations, marches, rallies and vigils held Monday throughout the state.

“That’s what impressed me,” said Miner. “People have been very respectful of the fact that violence doesn’t get us anywhere.”

Nine of the adults arrested Monday were from Milwaukee, six were from West Bend and one each from Waukesha, Wauwatosa and Madison. Arrested were: Kelsey M. Kazik, 20, Sara Keiza, 17, Jillian Duckwitz, 21, Richard A. Ketcham, 22, Thomas P. Buckholt, 17, Andrew L. Ortlieb, 24, Kathryn E. Jacobs, 20, Keith Crum, 20, and Andrew Smart, 19, all of Milwaukee; Craig R. Barringer, 20, of Waukesha; Jonathon W. Wilson, 17, of Wauwatosa; Amy M. Barger, 19, Jessica L. Brooks, 18, Derek W. Johnson, 17, Nathan J. Bartelt, 20, Jeffrey G. Lavato, 18, and Kyle Sawson, 21, all of West Bend; and David W. Clerkin, 21, of Madison. The three juveniles were not named…

…”I think the only people out of the group who even knew there was going to be violence were those who were involved in it. It did absolutely nothing for the cause we were marching for,” Kazik said.

Peace Action Wisconsin does not condone violence, said the group’s project organizer Julie Enslow, but some anti-war protesters might feel the need to be violent to get their point across.

Here are a few other comments from the leftists defending their vandalism from Milwaukee Indymedia:

I paintbombed and attempted to break the windows of one up north and got caught. Now I have a hefty fine and a load of court date ahead of me. So thank you for avenging me!
Yours Truely,

PS: To all those who say, violence doesn’t solve anything. Property destruction is not violence, it is even recognized that way by the law books. If you don’t think it does anything read up about the Boston Tea Party for one example.

Dogwalker promotes terrorism:

one of the principles i’ve learned in my studies as a wildlife ecologist is that to make a difference with large populations of beings that cannot be easily communicated with, you have to be diverse and frequent.

this act alone may not have done a whole lot, as evidenced by the other side being rather sarcastic at the futility of the operation. however, if you keep it going weekly while changing the location you do it at, you will get even more coverage.

same with the fliers. don’t stop with one day. go print some more and put them up again, changing the locations slightly. variety and frequency will produce notoriety.

vary the protests themselves, as well. most people can’t relate to the anarchist approach to protesting because it is intimidating. but it is a great tool to gain initial attention before the numbers grow large enough to really make a difference.

if you don’t repeat and vary, breaking a few windows will, in fact, be nothing but futile.

Big Mama:

To: nestor, ARA kid, beenthere, bored, marco, anon, Lucy Parsons, MLK, Jr., and Big Tony – Working for Peace

Big Mama


good work! i’m sorry that so many of y’all got snatched; i hope you have some good legal support. but the good thing is that these confrontational actions are on the rise. for the time being, we’ll be able to make bail, ignore the haters, and provide active solidarity with struggles against capital and domination worldwide. the reason “they” fear us is that we have nothing to lose, and only their destruction to gain.

Picking Up the Pieces After the Rampage of the Peace Protesters

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