Despite Good News From Iraq, Democrats Still Insist on Defeat

With blinders on… Democrats and their media are leading a charge of retreat from Iraq no matter what the cost to the future of Iraq, the Mideast or our country.
Today’s Senate vote was just a bump in the road out of Baghdad.

The democrats may not be sure about their exact plan, yet…
But all of their battle plans contain two things… Cut & Run!

Democrats have “Calendar Chaos”- Video HERE
And, it really doesn’t matter what the reality on the ground is…
Democrats are aiming for defeat.
Even the latest numbers coming from Iraq will not persuade them to support the fledgling democracy.
And, for the most part, the media is helping the democrats by hiding these numbers from the public.
In fact these positive numbers here were not reported in any Western media source but were taken from the Iraqi News (Marsad Iraq) on March 14, 2007:

General Qasim Atta then started comparing data from 2/14/2006 to 03/14/2006 to data of incidences during operation “Rule of Law” 02/14/2007 to 03/14/2007. The following is the result of the data comparison:

1- The decline in murders (bodies found with no ID) by 28%. The health ministry and Police comandry have confirmed these numbers.

2- Car thefts are down 65% from 57 to 37. Twenty cars were stolen and seventeen were as a result of carjackings.

3- Assassinations have declined 95%. From 517 to 22.

4- Kidnappings are down 90% from 98 to 10.

5- Bombing crimes are down 38% from 163 to 102.

6- Car bomb crimes are down 36% from 56 to 36.

7- Mortar attacks are down 47% from 204 to 109.

8- Hand grenade attacks are down 70% from 10 to 3.

9- Katusha attacks are down 35% from 23 to 15.

10- RPG attacks are down from 6 to 2 attacks.

11- Deaths are down 85% from 1440 to 265 and wounded are down 77% from 3192 to 781.

12- Motorcycle bomb attacks are down 100%, 1 before and 0 now.

13- Terrorist arrests are up from 160 to 713.

14- Suspect’s arrests are up from 160 to 1152.

15- Terrorist attacks are down 84% from 94 to 19 incidences.

Hat Tip Haider Ajina
But, don’t be surprised that democrats will not let these facts influence their decision to throw in the towel.

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