Democrats Out To Destroy Gay Who Wandered From Flock

Democrats are at it again
This time they are bashing Cpl. Matt Sanchez, the Columbia university student and USMC reservist, who was attacked by indoctrinated anti-military Leftists at Columbia who called him names and mocked his military service.

Cpl. Sanchez must have been one of the gays Ann Coulter was talking about when she said, “I would never insult gays by comparing them to John Edwards.”

Cpl. Matt Sanchez with Ann Coulter

The young democrats did not like that Sanchez went public on this story of typical leftist anti-military aggression so they outed him. Apparently, Matthew has a past in gay porn. Today, however, Matthew is enrolled in college and enlisted in the military so the left has decided to destroy him. Hopefully, they will get him kicked out of the marines.
Too bad he’s still not doing gay porn.
Things would be cool.

Say Anything has more.
Michelle Malkin has a letter from a campus friend of Cpl. Sanchez.
Gay Patriot says his past does not dismiss his actions at Columbia this past year- True.


Cpl. Sanchez speaks:

Why did I become a conservative? Just look at what I left, and look at who is attacking me today.

Bryan at HotAir has much more on Matt Sanchez and sin.
Sanchez is alright by me.

** You can read the whole article by Sanchez at his blog HERE.
Michelle Malkin posts her reaction to the Sanchez story today.

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