Antiwar Protesters Urge Resistance Against US Government!

Appeal for Redress” Co-Founder Sgt. Liam Madden (Ret.) called for resistance against the US Government at the small antiwar rally today in Washington DC.
March 17, 2007
(Google Video 1:27 minutes)

The group no longer believes in peaceful protests. Now, they claim, is the time for resistance against the government. Via CSPAN:

“Our bodies must be obstructions for business as usual!”

(Did you catch the nice comment by a protester at the end of the clip?)

But still, Madden has several democratic fans in Washington…

Sgt Liam Madden presents Dennis Kucinich with over 1,000 Active Duty G.I. signatures, demanding we support our troops by taking the target off their backs, in Iraq, and Bring the Troops Home Now, and take care of them when they return. (Appeal for Redress)

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