Al-Anbar Salvation Council Kills 4 Saudi Al Qaeda Members

ADN Kronos reports that 4 Saudi Al Qaeda members were killed in fighting in Western Iraq:

Four alleged Saudi terrorists belonging to the Iraqi al-Qaeda organisation were killed in recent days during violent clashes with tribal militias in the Sunni province of al-Anbar. Sources of the so-called al-Anbar Salvation Council – a coalition of tribes opposing the Islamic State in the restive western province – have told the Saudi newspaper al-Watan that they had killed at least 70 members of the terrorist group in the past two weeks, including many Arab foreigners.

The inhabitants of al-Hamadiya village recounted that they had seen fierce fighting and had found various bodies in the area including those of the four Saudis. One of them, whom the council sources identified as Abdullah Abu Abdel Rahman, had arrived in the area three months earlier and was considered a reference point for young people combatting American troops in Iraq.

According to Arab newspaper al-Hayat the “1920 Brigades” another insurgent group, is also fighting alongside the tribal militias of al-Anbar against al-Qaeda fighters and together they have managed to drive them back from the area around Abu Ghreib.

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