A Soldier's Video For Democrats… A Marine's Letter For Pelosi

A “Message to the Democratic Party Leadership”, from Cpl. Christopher Edward Mason
82nd Airborne Paratrooper- Iraq

He was killed in “The War on Terrorism” by Al-Qaeda terrorist forces in a small town “Siniyah, Iraq.” Chris was ambushed and killed by Al-Qaeda terrorist while he was moving into position to provide fire support for his fellow paratroopers. They had come under heavy small arms fire from Al-Qaeda forces and could not disengage. He died soon after being hit by an IED, but DOD has him being killed by small arms fire, during a firefight with Al-Qaeda at the same location. Bottom line is he was doing what needed to be done for his country…

But he left this moving video before he gave his life for his country:
(4 minutes 52 seconds)

Cpl. Christopher Edward Mason is memorialized at The Last Firebase Deer Camp.
Hat Tip KC the Kat

AJ Strata posts this letter from a US marine Sergeant Krueger, USMC, to Speaker Pelosi:


A word from [Gunnery]Sergeant Krueger, USMC, to Speaker Pelosi

How can you even think of pushing forward legislation to set a withdrawal date for US forces from Iraq?

Do you know how much you embolden the insurgency here in Iraq? YOU ARE JEOPARDIZING THE LIVES OF US SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN WITH YOUR ACTIONS.

You and your fellow Democrats are causing the Al Qaeda supported insurgency to use more catastrophic attacks against us and Iraqi forces. You will see more SVBIED’s with chlorine gas, more VBIED’s against civilians and security forces every time you and other Democrats open your mouths.

You will have to live with yourself and try to sleep at night knowing all the defeatist propaganda you have spewed forth is nothing more than ammunition for Islamic extremist groups around the world and more US deaths.

The unsuspecting people who support you know nothing of what goes on over here; you fill their heads with nonsense and talk of pullout to appease them. The only thing that will happen is the establishment of an extremist Islamic state where sharia law is the law of the land and no one is safe.

Sunni Moslems here are coming to our side and joining forces with the government to defeat Al Qaeda(AQI) here in Iraq, but they need our help and they need us to stay. I have spent the last 7 months (3rd tour) in Iraq. I have watched Iraqi citizens pick up weapons and form militias in areas to join forces with Iraqi police/Army…

There is much more HERE.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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