WaPo's Man of Peace- Louis Farrakhan

** Yesterday’s Jew-loathing hatemonger is today’s WaPo man of peace…

From the Washington Post this morning comes this headline on peacemaker Louis Farrakhan:
“Farrakhan Preaches Peace”
Speech Called His Last Urges Bush’s Impeachment, Iraqi Accord:

Maybe it was because he kept talking about impeaching Bush?

Here’s Farrakhan back on February 26, 2006:

“Is Jerusalem surrounded by armies now? [Crowd: “yes, sir!”] These neocons and Zionists have manipulated Bush and the American government and our boys and girls are dying in Iraq and in Afghanistan for the cause of Israel, not for the cause of America! Israel is the tail waggin’ the dog, which is America. You may not like me, and I really don’t give a damn. I’m throwin’ the gauntlet down today.”

Farrakhan on March 18, 2000:

“White people are potential humans… they haven’t evolved yet.”

Farrakhan on February 26, 2006:

“Katrina should have taught us that the government of the United States is not our friend. Katrina should have shown us the cold-hearted nature, not of white people, but the cold-hearted nature of the rulers. There are white people who want to see something good done. But they are hamstrung by white people who don’t want to see something good done.”

The AP said he stressed religious unity.
Funny, he skipped over Jews in his “united front” talk.

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