The Roaring 90's: The Real CEO Boom Years

It appears the CEO Big Dogs are not experiencing the same boom under Bush as they were used to during the Clinton years.

The ratio of CEO pay to worker pay has actually dipped during the Bush years!
The information was published this week in:
“A Better Look At The Boss’s Pay”
Business Week Online

The Top Dogs did quite well during the Clinton years…

You wouldn’t know this information if you were to depend on the democratic party. This is what democrats said in July of 2006:


This announcement (IRS auditor layoff) comes on the heels of recent economic reports of a growing disparity in income between the nation’s wealthiest Americans and everyone else. The gap has grown in part because CEO compensation has exploded while median family income has decreased. This reduction in IRS oversight of America’s wealhiest is just the latest example of Bush Administration and Republican policies that consistently put the priorities of the GOP and its special interest cronies ahead of the needs of the American people.

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