The Illegal Killing of Grade School Teacher & Activist Reisan Sawari

Reisan Sawari was a well-loved teacher. He was a calm, quiet man who gave extra lessons to Arab boys without charge.

Reisan was arrested in 2005 and sentenced to death in 2006 for “waging war on God.”

Reisan died on Tuesday from injuries he suffered in an Iranian prison. The regime tortured Reisan to force him to break his hunger strike. But, he died instead.
It was an illegal killing…

Risan (far left) with his pupils (

The Iranian regime sentenced him to death for a crime he did not commit based on confessions extracted under torture.

In fact, there are reports that he was already in jail in September 2005 before the bombings in October 2005 that he was accused of taking part in! Reisan was condemned to death for “waging war on God” last June. He was placed in solitary confinement for a year and went on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of his confinement.

Reisan was tortured to force him to break his hunger strike, but died as a result. It was an illegal killing…

Al Ahwaz has much more on the brutal murder of this innocent man.

The lawyers for Reisan and several other political prisoners tried to help their clients by writing to the government regarding the irregularities of their trial. In response, the Iranian regime arrested the lawyers:

The judgements on the men have been condemned by their lawyers and Iranian human rights activists as well as activists abroad. The lawyers of the accused have written to the President and senior judicial officials regarding the serious irregularities in the court cases, including preventing them from meeting with their clients and forced confessions. The regime responded by arresting the lawyers, all but one of whom are Ahwazi Arabs.

Duniya from wrote in with this:

Thank you for publishing news on Reisan Sawari’s murder by the fascist regime in Tehran. Reisan was a well-loved teacher. He was a calm, quiet man who gave extra lessons to Arab boys without charge. His “crime” was to join the Lejnat al-Wefagh (Reconciliation Committee), which was set up to demand that the Iranian regime should abide by its own legal obligations to ethnic and linguistic minorities under Article 15 of the Iranian Constitution.

He was arrested in September 2005, but was charged with bomb attacks in October 2005 despite still being in custody. According to Iran’s own laws, his people are illegally oppressed, he was illegally charged with crimes he did not commit and was subjected to a trial that did not even meet the country’s own basic standards. He was tortured to force him to break his hunger strike, but died as a result. It was an illegal killing.

In an interesting sidenote to this story of Ahwazi abuse in Iran is how Hezbollah plays a part in the crimes:

Ironically, the Hezbollah in Lebanon — the supposed embodiment of Arab resistance in the Middle East — is complicit in the displacement of Ahwazi Arabs. On confiscated Arab land Tehran has set up training camps for Hezbollah and for the Badr Brigades, the Iraqi fundamentalist militia. Badr death squads in Iraq are murdering Sunnis, unveiled women, gay people, men wearing shorts, barbers, sellers of alcohol and people listening to Western music.

Duniya continues:

At the very least, the UN should send in an investigative team and refer its findings to the UN General Assembly, as requested by the UNPO.

The world must learn that the problems in the Middle East do not begin at the Mediterranean and end at the Jordan River.

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