Terrorist & Mass Murderer On Hunger Strike Demands Freedom

He is withering away to nothing…

ETA terrorist and mass murderer, De Juana Chaos, is on a hunger strike.
(Now, that’s a fitting name for a terrorist… “Chaos”.)

Lady Vorzheva sends the latest news on a starving ETA terrorist and the latest protests against appeasement:

Last Saturday we held in Madrid another (the 7th) mass-demonstration remembering the two Ecuatorians killed at Madrid terminal and against ETA-Government talks. I have linked to some photos and videos made by colleage bloggers. The slogan was “For freedom, for ETA defeat, against ETA negotiation”. Some people also asked the Government who was behind the March 11th bombings.

The Zapatero Government says we were only 200,000 people, but Automous Community estimates we were 1.5 million people. Whatever the number the streets were so crowded it was nearly impossible to walk.

Zapatero’s “Man of Peace”
About the photos of De Juana Chaos -here’s one. Spanish bloggers are talking about this story…

One of the ETA bloodier terrorists -25 people were directly killed and many more murdered following his orders- is on a hunger strike because he wants to be freed before his punishment ends.

The photos of him were stolen, by the way, because cameras and mobiles were not allowed inside his room. So who and how made this photos published by British newspaper the Times?

The problem is that the Government, using the unions, made another demonstration to which only leftist intelectuals went -about 150.000 people from the most optimistic estimations-. So now they are critising us because we used Spanish flags and sang Spanish hymns in our demonstration!

The are telling us we are stealing those symbols from all the Spanish people!

Much more at Toasted Bread.


De Juana Chaos says that his sentence will further complicate the peace process.

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