Pakistan Agrees to Give Saudi Arabia Nuclear Bomb

This ought to brighten up your Monday…
From Pakistani website The Nation:

Our monitoring desk

THE India-Israel nexus is again active in putting Pakistan in trouble by accusing the Islamic Republic of nuclear proliferation which is evident from the news carried by an Israeli website and later highlighted by an Indian newspaper.

The news was first carried by an Israeli website and lifted by leading Indian newspaper Hindustan Times.

The Israeli site claimed that Pakistan had agreed to provide Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons and missiles last month.

The website stated Musharraf and Saudi King Abdullah concluded an agreement with ‘seven secret clauses’ on January 21, during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan agreed to provide an atomic deterrent in the event of ‘a nuclear emergency’.

The transfer of control would also occur in case Iran threatened the Persian Gulf Emirates, Egypt or Jordan, the site claims.

According to intelligence sources, the agreement is impossible to confirm, however, it is a logical extension of a long-standing Saudi-Pakistan nuclear understanding. The goal: ensure a nuclear Iran does not dominate the Gulf, the site claims.

Retired senior Indian officials believe the Saudis have financed Pakistan’s nuclear programme through shipments of cheap petrol since the 90s. In return, Pakistan was to provide a nuclear weapon on request. However, it is uncertain how the exchange will occur.

It’s no secret that Arab countries are concerned about Iran’s meddling in the region. Just last month 9 Arab countries spoke out in support of the US surge in Baghdad while Syria, Iran and democrats condemned the planned surge.

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