Once Again, Neo-Copperheads Rule the Democratic Roost

The democratic party of today has once again latched on to their defeatist tendencies of yore…

This is part of a famous Thomas Nast illustration that exposed the hypocrisy of the 1864 Democratic Platform. This corner of his poster from the lower left of the original leaf, shows other implications of compromising with the south, as the Democrats wanted. Slave hunters are shown moving North, and attacking Northern families that are harboring runaway slaves. Union Generals are shown bowing to Jefferson Davis, paying homage to the Rebel Leader. Southern Rebels are shown drinking and celebrating over the graves of Union Soldiers, who had died in a useless war. Perhaps most inflammatory, is the illustration suggesting that if the Democrats were successful, Jefferson Davis could potentially be a strong candidate for President of the United States in 1868. (Son of the South)

Dartemis.net was one of the first to show the freakish similarities between the Neo-Copperheads and their 19th Century Copperhead forebearers:

The Copperheads championed the following positions:

* The North was responsible for pushing the South into secession
* The Republicans were committed to establishing racial equality, a prospect opposed by many working class immigrants who wanted to protect their low-paying jobs and by racists
* Lincoln had become a tyrant and was bent upon destroying civil liberties
* The war was a national tragedy and must be ended, even if that meant granting independence to the Confederacy.

The historical parallels between the Civil War era Copperheads and the current Anti-War Democrats (and their supporters) are noteworthy.

* They assert that the United States is responsible for world terrorism.
* They believe that Iraqis are incapable of democratic self government.
* They assert that President Bush has become a tyrant and is bent upon destroying civil liberties.
* They assert that the War in Iraq is a national and international tragedy which we cannot win and which must be ended, even if that ending is a victory for the Terrorists.

Although the country’s sacrifice was much greater in 1864 than it is today, the democratic platform remains unchanged…

While totally undermining the Union Army, and what it was trying to do, the Chicago Platform went on to allege its support of the individual soldiers and their families. (Son of the South)


Henry P. Wickham, Jr. explains at The American Thinker, how The Iraq War has produced a new crop of defeatists in the democratic party- America’s Neo-Copperheads
Hat Tip Larwyn

John Murtha (on left) and George B. McClellan who ran on the 1864 platform.

“These snakes have no honor and are actively working to the detriment of our nation. Let us call them on it.”

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