NY Times May Apologize But Keep Rolling Video of Dying Soldier!

Staff Sgt. Hector Leija (in background in photo below) was shot and killed by sniper fire in Iraq in January 26, 2007. The New York Times ran video and showed pictures of Staff Sgt. Leija after he was shot and before his death.

The sad story of hero Staff Sgt. Hector Leija in Iraq continues to reveal the absolute depravity today’s mainstream media.

The grotesque spectacle first started when the New York Times showed images and video of the death of Staff Sgt. Leija while on patrol in Iraq.

Because of the uproar by the family the Stars and Stripes reported that the New York Times would apolgize for publishing the photo and video showing Staff Sgt. Hector Leija dying on a stretcher after being shot in the head:


The New York Times will express regret for hurting the feelings of the family of a Texas soldier after publishing a photograph and a video showing him as he lay dying in Baghdad, the Houston Chronicle reported Friday.

The letter is part of an agreement reached Wednesday between the Times and the Army to resolve a controversy about the use of images of Staff Sgt. Hector Leija without his consent, the Chronicle reported.

The Chronicle published a statement by the Times: “The New York Times agreed to write a letter to Sgt. Leija’s family explaining the process we go through to notify families and why we run the articles and photographs we do, and expressing regret that the family suffered distress.”

According to the Chronicle, the decision came after a telephone discussion Wednesday between Times executive editor Bill Keller in New York and Army Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, commander of the Multi-National Corps – Iraq.

However… the video of Staff Sgt. Hector Leija’s final moments is still playing on the New York Times website as of Saturday February 3, 2007.
This is nearly five days after the New York Times first posted the video!
So much for apologies!

Outrage! New York Times Posts Video and Pictures of Dying US Soldier!!
Outrage Continues! New York Times Keeps Rolling Video of Dying Soldier Even After Request By Family!

Michelle Malkin has a letter from MNF-I to the New York Times over this unpseakable violation.

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