Men Dressed in Burkas Jailed for London Robberies

The Daily Times reports:

Two men who disguised themselves in clothing traditionally worn by Muslim women and robbed security guards carrying cash to and from banks have been jailed for a total of more than seven years, according to a report in The Guardian. The report said that Kingston crown court in southwest London heard on Friday how Anthony Roberts (22) and Nicholas Bidar (19) stole the Muslim clothes from Regent’s Park mosque last June, and used them to cover their heads and faces during a bank robbery in Kilburn, north London, later on the same day.

It said that the pair, who had committed another robbery three weeks earlier, had pleaded guilty to three counts of theft. The court was told that their approach was the same on each occasion: they would wait in banking halls before rushing the unsuspecting guards as they made cash deliveries and collections, it added. They would then speed away in a waiting car. Bidar was arrested on June 14 following a foot chase by officers, but briefly managed to escape from custody a day later after assaulting a police officer. Bidar tried to escape again on June 23 by running from guards and trying to climb a fence.

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