Media Shrugs Off Massive Graft & Corruption of Chicago Dems

The AP claims that the people just “shrug off” the massive graft and corruption at City Hall.
Could it be because all of the crooks are democrats?
The AP reports:

A mayor (Richard Daley-democrat) overseeing an administration under federal investigation. An alderman (Arenda Troutman– liberal democrat) who just got hit with a federal bribery charge. Four politicians who served time for corruption and want their old jobs back.

All are candidates in this month’s municipal elections in Chicago, a city legendary for graft.

“At this juncture, people just shrug it off as more Chicago,” said longtime political consultant Don Rose.


At the top of the Feb. 27 ballot is Mayor Richard M. Daley (democrat), who is running for a sixth term amid a corruption investigation.

Federal officials have nailed dozens of people, including Daley’s former patronage chief (Robert Sorich-democrat) and a former city clerk (James J. Laskidemocrat), in an investigation that started with bribes paid to city officials for trucking work and expanded into a broad look at City Hall hiring practices. The mayor has not been charged with any wrongdoing.
(Also… Joseph Mario Moreno -democrat, keeping clout list)

Daley blames the wrongdoing on a “few bad apples” and is expected to sail to re-election against two lesser-known political figures who have tried to make an issue of the corruption.

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