Liberals Distort Recycled British Troop Reduction News

Today’s British news is not negative, and not new

Back on March 13, 2006 the Brits previously announced their plans of reducing troop levels in southern Iraq.
BBC reported:

The planned reduction of 800 British troops serving in Iraq announced by the UK Defence Secretary John Reid is not the first such withdrawal nor the biggest.

The Ministry of Defence says there have now been five such reductions and this is the largest since 2004. But it is significant.

…Officially, the reason given for this reduction is progress in Security Sector Reform (SSR), the process of training up Iraqi military units to maintain law and order and tackle any insurgents.

Progress in the Iraqi security forces made it possible for the UK to scale down troop levels in southern Iraq.

Iraqi security forces celebrate during a handover ceremony in the Shiite city of Najaf. Iraqi soldiers and police took charge of security in Najaf and its province, at a colourful and optimistic jamboree on December 20, 2006. (Qassem Zein/AFP)


On January 11 of this year, the Brits again announced troop reductions once Iraqi forces take over security operations in at least two more southern provinces in the next few months. It was announced that thousands of British troops would return home from Iraq by the end of May.

Which brings us to today…
On Tuesday The Guardian again reported on British troop reductions in southern Iraq:

All British troops will be pulled out of Iraq by the end of 2008, starting with the withdrawal of 1,000 in the early summer, the Guardian has learned.

…The prime minister is expected to say that Britain intends to gradually reduce the number of troops in southern Iraq over the next 22 months as Iraqi forces take on more responsibility for the security of Basra and the surrounding areas.

So, this is news?
Funny how this “new report” is being distorted as some kind of “abrupt reversal” by the Left wing.

You really have to be completely unaware of the developments in Iraq over the last year to believe that the announcement of British troop reductions is anything more than what it is… a win for Iraq and the Allies.
Either that, or you are spinning for Al Qaeda, the Iranian regime or the democratic party.

Dan Riehl has much more.
NewsBusters agrees, this is nothing new.

Update: The media is trying its darnedest to make this look like “surrender” by mocking VP Cheney with their latest headline:

“Exclusive: Vice President Says British Troop Withdrawal Is Positive Sign”

How will they spin it when things calm down up north?

Jules Crittenden has thoughts on the Brit’s split.
ABC News spins the stabilization of southern Iraq as a defeat for the lonely US… Sick!

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