Italy Will Bring US Soldier to Trial For Murder of Nicola Calipari

A judge in Italy ruled this week that US soldier Mario Lozano will stand trial over the death of Italian secret agent Nicola Calipari.

Calipari who was a member of the SISMI police force and gave his life rescuing declared Italian antiwar communist Giuliana Sgrena.

A scene from the funeral of Nicola Calipari
Nicola Calipari was accidentally killed by United States soldiers while escorting released Italian hostage, journalist Giuliana Sgrena, to Baghdad International Airport on March 4, 2005.

Stefania has this news from ADN Kronos:


Rome, 7 Feb. (AKI) – A judge in Rome has ruled that US marine Mario Lozano will stand trial over the death of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq in March 2005. The agent, 51-year-old Nicola Calipari, was shot dead as he was travelling in a car to Baghdad airport to escort journalist Giuliana Sgrena back home. Sgrena, an anti-war journalist, had just been freed by kidnappers after a month in captivity.

Lozano, who will likely be tried in absentia as he has been cleared of all charges in the US, is accused of Calipari’s murder and the attempted murder of Sgrena and another agent, Andrea Carpani, who were travelling together in the car.

The trial is scheduled to begin on 17 April.

The incident placed under serious strain US-Italian relations with separate investigations from the two sides giving very different results on the shooting at a checkpoint on the road to the Baghdad airport, in which Calipari was shot and killed and Sgrena was wounded in the shoulder.

The US military said the car the two were in rapidly approached a checkpoint and ignored repeated warnings to stop.

Stefania adds:

To the Left it’s more urgent to hunt US soldiers than, say, the very same kidnappers of all the ex-Italian hostages. Days ago, the NATO ambassadors of US, UK, Canada,Australia, Netherlands and Romania, sent a public letter to the Italian gov’t, urging them not to cut and run in Afghanistan. Italian Foreign Minister (an ‘ex’ communist) was shocked (!) at the letter and many in the gov’t coalition are shouting ‘outrage!’ at what they call ‘american interference in our internal affairs’. These hypocrites, however, see nothing wrong in interfering in the American affairs by calling for the US withdrawal from Iraq or condamning the strike against Somali Jihadist strongholds.

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