Islamic Radicals Threaten Bus Drivers to Stop Playing Music- Or Else!

Life’s a blast at the Pakistani-Afghani border!
ADN Kronos has the latest threats on the populace:

A little known organisation in the Pakistani tribal region of Bajaur, the Mujahadeen Bajaur, has distributed pamphlets in different areas of the tribal region situated on the Pakistan-Afghan border calling on drivers of public transport to stop playing music in their vehicles, residents said on Sunday. They said that the pamphlets warned that if the drivers continued with this un-Islamic activity, they would bear the consequences.

The leaflets written in Pashto were distributed in many parts of the agency, they added.

Earlier this month, similar pamphlets had been distributed in Bajaur asking barbers to stop shaving and trimming beards in their shops as both were said to be un-Islamic.

Zealots Warn Barbers to Discontinue Their Un-Islamic Activity

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